We’re always on the lookout for exceptionally talented people and those with bags of potential to help Aire Global achieve its ambition.

Whatever your background and whether you’re a designer, artworker, pre-press specialist, colour expert, CGI artist, ecommerce content specialist, developer, project or account manager, if you’re a positive person and a team player with the ability to makes things happen, there’s a brilliant bunch of like-minded people and a world of opportunity waiting to be seized, right here at Aire Global.


Aire is a place to learn new skills and put them to the test. We provide regular business led and team requested training opportunities with clearly defined pathways for progression, creating a platform for our people to thrive, with all the support they need to do so.

With a successful hybrid working model, early finish Fridays, a day off on your birthday, insurance benefits and spectacular social events, we champion an up-beat, invigorating agency dynamic that feels just like a home-from-home. Sound good?


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Packaging Design Agency

Packaging Design Agency

Impactful packaging design that drives sales off the shelf.

Welcome to the world of Aire Global!

As a trusted packaging design agency with global expertise, we work with many of the world’s leading FMCG brands, to create impactful product packaging that actively drives sales, in store and online.

Whether your challenge encompasses small
changes to existing packaging, or a complete
brand redesign covering multiple formats,
sizes and markets – we offer a smarter, simpler and more sustainable means of delivering your brands to market, without ever breaking the bank.

You could call it a revolution. We call it the ‘Aire way’.


If you’ve ever been frustrated by the ad hoc, hit and miss management, delivery and creative inconsistency of the conventional agency model, we hear you.

Our transformative packaging design services dial up creativity, consistency, quality and flexibility – offering faster speeds to market at a lower cost.

Sound good? Book your Aire time today!

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    Inspired transformative design

    A love of creativity and design informs everything we do. And our insight-driven, ideas-first approach to creative development and delivery, fuels our ability to concisely adapt and amplify brands globally.

    With a multi-disciplinary design team, led by global insights talent, we have the scale to dedicate senior creative and design direction to every client. This wealth of in-house expertise ensures that upstream creativity continually filters down to design realisation, ready for handover to production for downstream artwork automation.

    Optimal Efficiency

    Leanest D2Pe process

    From start to finish, visibility, transparency, measurability and repeatability, are a given. Our dedicated team of Lean Six Sigma process reengineering experts relentlessly reimagine, remap, and refine your Design to Print and ecommerce content (D2Pe) processes. An endless pipeline of initiatives and innovation keep our clients and our people ahead of the curve. And thanks to Score, our intuitive online D2Pe workflow management technology, we actively support you and your stakeholders every step of the way. 

    The outcome is never anything less than truly optimised efficiency.

    Highest Quality

    Right-First-Time (RFT) production

    Using our structured data technology and class-leading artwork automation software, we achieve what others deem impossible – high-quality, RFT, fully-compliant production artwork. Very quickly, artwork approval rework loops become a distant memory..

    Automated artwork technology is already transforming the lives of early adopter FMCG brand owners.

    What are you waiting for?

    Total Consistency

    On-shelf brand building

    Centralised design for strategic and adaptive level creative, partnered with centralised artwork, pre-press production and all-encompassing digital colour management, enables total in-market brand and colour consistency – regardless of whether you need your brand to dominate on a national, international or global scale.

    Fastest Speed

    Quickest to market

    Through our collection of Lean Six Sigma driven solutions, processes and technologies, we get packaging, point-of-sale and ecommerce content to market at the fastest speeds possible, so shoppers, consumers and retailers can enjoy your product sooner.

    Reduced Costs

    Budgets go further

    Together with economies of scale, centralised design and production bring significant efficiencies. Adaptive design and the three-tiered agency model take things to another level. And our automated artwork software raises the bar further still. 

    We don’t off-shore any of our design or production services to lower-cost production countries, relying on our competitive infrastructure and leading technologies to tick all of the commercial boxes instead.

    This makes Aire the most procurement-friendly agency ever!

    Complete Flexibility

    Collaborating as one

    We see things differently to other agencies.

    Being privately owned and fully-independent means we can make the unimaginable happen…fast. We also understand that no two clients are the same. That’s why, each client receives a dedicated team, a bespoke process and a technology configuration that perfectly matches their business. Proactivity and reactivity are all pre-programmed in.

    Absolute Care

    It's all about you

    With no demanding shareholders, parent companies, or venture capital investors at our table, we can focus on one thing – you. We don’t derive success from a one-size-fits-all manufacturing approach to design or production. Quite the opposite. 

    Our success comes simply from doing a great job and really caring for our clients. How do we know we do a great job? Our clients let us know, informally and formally through regular feedback sessions. They also tell other companies about us too, which fuels our new business pipelines. It’s no coincidence that we have dedicated Client Delight teams and not regular Client Service departments!

    Adaptive Design

    Adaptive Design

    What Is Adaptive

    Packaging Content Services

    Adaptive Design is the bridge between strategic design and production. In its simplest form, an agency layer is added below your strategic agency partners in the D2Pe process and above your artwork and pre-press agency partners.

    This model has helped many of the world’s leading brand owners to completely rethink and transform the creative design stages within their Design-to-Print and ecommerce (D2Pe) content process.

    The architects of adaptive design

    Adaptive Design Services

    In the late noughties, we introduced a visionary three-tiered agency model, that efficiently bridged the gap between strategic design and production, we named this new space ‘Adaptive Design’.

    • Strategic
    • Adaptive
    • Production

    Whilst adding an additional agency layer to the process may seem at first like a crazy idea when defining a Lean and efficient process, it enables the unlocking of significant amounts of waste and inefficiency. For the brave, it can be a trigger for significant streamlining of agency rosters, then allowing your key agencies to focus on their core expertise.

    The inventors and pioneers of Adaptive Design

    Adaptive Design Services

    As the centralised design agency partner specialising in adaptive design, we receive the approved strategic intent and/or the brand DNA as an input from the strategic process and then meticulously craft and amplify the strategy, creating a suite of design masters to drive the entire SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) portfolio across all variants, sizes, pack formats and markets.

    This toolkit and the inbuilt flexibility enables the entire SKU portfolio to be rolled out during the production phase, all aesthetically correct and compliant with the strategic intent, your brand DNA and in-market requirements.


    Packaging Content Services

    We deliver a suite of branded content and assets for local markets, including photography, illustration, motion graphics, creative copy and translations/transcreation.

    Production agencies, including our own at Aire, take the suite of approved content, the design masters (which are produced in an automated artwork compliant manner) as well as the colour standards set during the adaptive design phase. This toolkit then allows for the entire SKU portfolio to be rolled out, all aesthetically correct and compliant with the strategic intent, your brand DNA and in-market requirements.

    What are the benefits of adaptive design?

    Adaptive Design Services

    Adaptive Design is revolutionising the way brand owners manage the Design-to-Print and ecommerce (D2Pe) process.

    Our global three-tiered agency model is proven to

    • Get your designs to market faster and more efficiently
    • Provide greater consistency and creativity, offering a higher-quality brand presence on-shelf
    • Offer significant reductions to overall cost within the entire D2Pe supply chain

    Adaptive Design covers all shopper, consumer and retailer touchpoints

    Packaging design
    Branded collateral
    Print and digital advertising

    Lean Six Sigma


    Optimising efficiency by minimising waste, cost and process delays.

    No matter how highly skilled your people are, if your process is inefficient, your team will be too. By fusing the philosophies of Lean and the practical tools of Six Sigma, our experts identify and evaluate the hot spots in your current process that create delays, increase process costs, and don’t add value.

    We then create bespoke solutions that address the root cause, without reducing the overall quality. Just some of the reasons why, from Kellogg’s to Quorn, our Lean Six Sigma team is trusted to deliver the best practice process.

    A methodical approach to efficiency

    D Define the existing challenge you need to overcome

    M Measure the current state ‘as is’

    A Analyse the root cause and create the new ‘to be’

    I Improve the process by evaluating the solutions

    C Control the process to sustain the change


    Waiting – address delays in waiting for items or information

    Overproduction – identify where work is done before it is needed, or unnecessary

    Rework – ensure Right First Time accuracy, every time

    Movement/motion – reduce excessive movement with the workspace

    Over processing – prevent your team from doing more work or adding more processes than necessary

    Over inventory – reduce the number of excess products being processed

    Transportation – optimise the movement of items and information

    Skills – use your people to their full potential


    Workflow Technology

    D2Pe Workflow Technology


    Accelerating YOUR Design to Print PROCESS

    Workflow Technology

    Since the advent of Desktop Publishing in the late ’80s/early ’90s and the widespread acceptance of PostScript as a common digital graphics language, the Design to Print and ecommerce content (D2Pe) world has never stood still. The pace of evolution in digital technology at Aire is fast, dynamic, and highly specialised. Technological advancement keeps things exciting, our blood flowing, and is a significant contributor to helping retain people within our agency.

    All of our teams at Aire relish change and fully embrace evolution and revolution in technology. We continually challenge ourselves and our industry when it comes to artwork automation and D2Pe workflow.


    Workflow Technology

    Score is Aire’s D2Pe workflow technology. When set alongside a smart, Lean D2Pe process, Score delivers projects, including packaging, point-of-sale, and ecommerce content, to the physical and digital shelf quickly and efficiently whilst providing optimum visibility.

    We know that all of our clients are unique, each with its own ways of working. That’s why Score has been developed with new, state-of-the-art code, following a fresh-ground-up build, providing comprehensive functionality whilst allowing for real-time configurability and customisation, based on your exact requirements.

    Intuitive. Proactive. Modular. Global.

    Workflow Technology

    Score seamlessly manages all aspects of design, artwork, colour management, sustainability scoring, pre-press, proofing, and print production, including overall process and stakeholder performance reporting at macro and micro levels.

    Score users check-in online, or via the Score App, to see the live status of their existing projects, approve new and updated/amended design and artwork files, view live and real-time status and performance reports, and review all current and historic data and artwork files. Print vendors can engage in feature-rich, technical deep-dives of packaging production files early on in the process allowing their full engagement in the project.

    Users from all around the globe can set their own language preferences, whilst administrators can view a full audit trail and see who did what, where, and when.

    The power to simplify complex D2Pe projects

    Packaging Artwork

    Complex D2Pe projects can be intense. Managing high volumes of input variables in the traditional way whilst balancing the merging of creativity with technical requirements can be highly complex. When combined with managing the expectations of multiple stakeholders including marketing, regulatory and legal, meeting increasingly shortened deadlines with the pressures of high profile product and brand launches, can take its toll.

    When the work is done, the job is printed and the project is put to bed, all of the associated project data, pack content, and image assets reside on Score forever, along with the full project audit trail detailing who, what, where, and when. It’s at this point our Continual Improvement program collates Post-Implementation Review data so we can establish which parts of the project worked well and which parts didn’t … so that next time we can be even better!

    Great process is indeed the key to controlling much of the above, but once that is established, Score can help bring some sense in order to simplify, control and accelerate the entire process.

    Put simply, Score removes stress and makes your day-to-day at work easier, allowing you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

    The Future-Proof Solution

    Workflow Technology

    Score never stops moving forwards. Our roadmap demonstrates an endless flow of technological innovations and initiatives from enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), reducing human workload and risk of error, to machine learning to automate even more, to App development for Score-on-the-go, to feeding Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) environments.

    Our robust Application Programming Interface (API) capability connects Score with your existing Product and Lifecycle management systems to enable a live and real-time source of truth for all pack and ecommerce copy and content.


    Workflow Technology

    • Improved D2Pe process efficiency across the entire supply chain
    • Reduced approval times by up to 60%, helping brand owners get products to market faster
    • Greater transparency, visibility, measurability, predictability and repeatability
    • Fully compliant audit trail ensuring 100% accountability for all stakeholders
    • Greater creative quality and consistency on-shelf
    • Significant cost savings through increases in Right-First-time (RFT) approval rates



    D2Pe Project Management

    Artwork Automation Technology


    the fastest way to create size, variant and market artwork roll-outs

    Automated Artwork Services

    Fully automating your artwork production process is a game-changer for any FMCG brand owner looking for 100% RFT. Totally compliant, fit-for-shelf artwork, produced in a high-speed, technology-fuelled environment is possible today.

    Aire’s proprietary artwork automation technology, Stream, is unique thanks to its ability to embrace Adobe Illustrator rather than resist it, as other artwork automation production solutions do. Adobe Illustrator is the global industry standard for packaging design, artwork, and pre-press – as such, we chose to work with it and not against it, while still being able to drive PDF production and automated pre-press workflows.

    50x more productivity. 100% Right First Time artwork.

    Artwork Automation

    Any competent Artwork Production Specialist can be trained to become an Aire Stream Production Automation Specialist, enabling them to create automation master templates upstream and see their own individual productivity increase by around x50 when it comes to creating size, variant, and market roll-outs.

    100% RFT becomes reality, based on the inputs supplied directly from a brand owner’s Product Information Management system (PIM), Product Lifecycle Management system (PLM), or any other digital source of true, legally approved pack copy.

    one source of truth for all packaging and ecommerce copy

    Artwork Automation

    For businesses without formal control or a structured approach to managing their pack and ecommerce data, Aire can help by enabling Score Pool – Aire’s packaging and ecommerce content management solution.

    Score Pool can replicate data in and out of your existing technologies, ensuring all parties have secure access to the approved, one-source-of-truth data – a guaranteed representation of the information on the digital or physical shelf. Aire’s Application Programming Interface (API) team is well versed with technology integrations and is able to integrate our tech with any permissible system.

    Structured data to automatically build artwork

    Artwork Automation

    Stream automation technology is highly advanced and mature – it is the packaging graphics production industry leader. When combined with Score Pool, it helps brands to achieve the fastest speeds to market, pack change updates and exceedingly high standards of RFT quality.

    Our technologies simply cannot be imitated by human Production Artwork Specialists … one of the many reasons why Aire doesn’t employ off-shore manual production models as part of our solution.


    Packaging Prototypes


    What are packaging prototypes?

    Packaging Prototypes

    A packaging prototype is an ‘exact’ replica of the final packaging, unlike packaging mock-ups or sales samples, which are usually produced with little or no consideration for the printing press or on-shelf colour.

    Traditionally, the only way to see exactly how the final product would perform was to undergo an expensive and time-consuming print trial. Our solution enables ‘print trial avoidance’, which significantly reduces lead times and costs whilst also negating any unnecessary impact on the environment, helping brand owners meet their sustainability targets.

    Our packaging prototype service eliminates the anxious waiting time and associated risk, when final packaging isn’t often seen until it’s too late … in store!! It also allows you to see a colour-accurate, printed facsimile of the packaging before the final artwork goes to print.


    Packaging Prototypes

    An initial design concept may look amazing when presented, but it’s vital to understand the technical challenges of taking that design into print and assessing how it will perform, look and feel on the shelf.

    Aire eliminates that ‘pit-of-the stomach’ feeling when seeing packaging in store that is underwhelming and is far from what was expected.

    Our spectral colour measurement technology enables us to create individual, or short runs, of packs that mirror the final, full-production version.

    To create an accurate representation of the finished article, we work with your print vendors, and their ink suppliers, to obtain all of the necessary print tool, substrate and press data.


    By bringing your ideas to life in this way, we save you time, reduce costs, manage expectations from the start, speed up stakeholder buy-in and minimise your environmental footprint.

    Our innovative print management services also allow any technical and production issues and restrictions to be identified and resolved ahead of production. ‘Print trial avoidance’ is just one of the many steps we take to make your production budgets go further, whilst reducing your impact on the environment.

    Sustainable Packaging Graphics

    Sustainable Packaging Graphics

    What is EcoScore?

    Packaging sustainability is often a complex initiative for many brand owners to undertake. With multiple touchpoints and specialist areas throughout the Design to Print (D2P) lifecycle to consider, a single, isolated decision can easily undermine the overall intent.

    EcoScore is our greener, leaner, sustainable packaging graphics software, developed in-house at Aire. It helps brand owners achieve ambitious sustainability goals by analysing the criteria, data, and decisions behind every packaging project, from Design to Print and disposal to re-use.


    Sustainable Packaging Graphics

    EcoScore sits within our Score technology suite and collects data for each of your individual packaging Stock Kept Units (SKU), as it develops throughout its lifecycle. We analyse this accrued data against pre-established sustainability targets, initiatives, and innovations that exist within the packaging and print industries.

    This correlation enables us to provide reporting data recommendations on how to improve your D2P process and meet your sustainability packaging targets.

    Designed to be completely customisable to your specific objectives, EcoScore evaluates everything from packaging design, print vendors, packaging substrates, and inks, to numbers of colours, water usage, and transport.


    EcoScore gives FMCG brand owners a unique competitive advantage to gain data and recommendations, which help turn sustainability goals into reality. As an added benefit, many of the sustainability initiatives in the D2P domain save you time and money, allowing you to do more for less!