Packaging Repro



Packaging Repro

Packaging reprographics or packaging repro for short, is a highly technical process that enriches the artwork file, by taking the layers and colour palettes established in the artwork stage and fully separating them into print-sequenced colour separations.

This process mirrors the print vendor’s printing process, the specific printing press and the way it performs with the specified packaging material and inks.


Packaging Repro

We get the ball rolling with a pre-production meeting with the print vendors, to gather and discuss the technical implications.

In addition to colour separation, packaging repro is often the stage where technical accommodations are made for the following:

print process-specific tolerances such as grips, traps, chokes, pullbacks, minimum dots, maximum dot, dot gain, screen ruling, dot shape, densities, minimum font size, minimum line widths, delta E tolerance, total area ink coverage, under colour removal, grey colour removal, channel removal, channel switching, channel extending, colour conversion, fixed colour palette, colour reduction, cut and crease tolerance management, bar width reduction, bar code magnification, surface and reverse print, white creation, varnish creation, pattern varnish, post-print effects, foil blocking, step and repeating.

What are the benefits to brand owners?

Our streamlined, automated production process accommodates artwork and pre-press as a singular phase with one approval loop, effectively fast-tracking the print management process, eliminating misunderstandings and errors, and keeping costs and timescales to a minimum.

Automated Artwork



Artwork Automation Services

Automated artwork is the smartest technological development to happen to the D2Pe world since the introduction of the common digital graphics language, PostScript.

No matter what state, format, or storage platform your inputs are in, Aire’s proprietary D2Pe workflow management technology, Score, takes control of them all. It securely holds them all in one clean, structured database format, Score Pool – your one source of truth for all pack copy content and ecommerce data. Once verified, the database is able to push and pull content from any existing product lifecycle or specification management system at any time.

Benefit from a world-first in automated artwork

Artwork Automation Services

Once the Stock Kept Unit (SKU) level data set is completed, it is pushed into our Artwork Automation technology, Score Stream, which automatically streams all content including text, icons, codes, and images into pre-approved Design Master Artwork Automation templates. SKU level artworks are created, in Adobe Illustrator editable PDF format, live and in real-time … all within seconds! Any updates to the artwork, such as ingredients, regulatory or legal changes happen even faster when driven by the structured database or back from the artwork!

Aire is the first packaging, point of sale, and ecommerce production company in the world that is able to fully automate at this level from structured data. As a result, we are one of the few who do not use lower-cost off-shore production centres to create artwork or pre-press origination. This fuels our ability to produce higher volumes of production, much faster and with higher quality producing the highest RFT (Right First Time) rates.


Automated Artwork Services

Automation is the only consistent way to obtain RFT artwork approvals. Taking your cleansed and approved structured data inputs (the one source of truth), and flowing them directly into the artwork reduces and even eliminates human touch. Copy and paste and retyping errors are the number one artwork error category in our industry worldwide – not so at Aire!

In addition, as there is no off-shoring of production required in an automated environment, unnecessary communication chains, and the associated delays and risks are taken out of the equation allowing the artwork build process to take seconds and not days.

Once Stream is fully implemented, any marketing or legal updates to the artwork, at any stage of a products’ life cycle, can be made almost instantly. Procurement objectives are satisfied as overall artwork automation costs less.


Automated Artwork Services

Aire is the first packaging, point of sale, and ecommerce production agency in the world to automate at this level streaming structured data into complex primary packaging artworks. Our technology can also work in reverse by extracting pack copy data from any existing artwork file, should the need arise.

As a result, we are one of the few not to use lower-cost off-shore production centres to create artwork or pre-press origination. This delivers

  • Right First Time rates in excess of 99%
  • Eliminated rework loops
  • Higher volumes of production
  • Faster production times
  • Higher quality
  • Highly consistent artwork production
  • Simplified lines of communication
  • One source of truth for all pack copy and ecommerce data
  • Reduced overall costs compared to manual artwork production

Packaging Artwork



Packaging Artwork

Packaging artwork is the process of taking multiple digital inputs and combining them into a technically correct and aesthetically pleasing digital file that is ready for pre-press production. Pre-approved artwork inputs typically include…

  • Technical drawing (other terms include; dieline, cutter, cutting form, CAD drawing, net drawing, and machine drawing)
  • Design masters or an existing approved master base artwork
  • Pack copy, covering all marketing and promotional text, legal and compliance text, ingredients, nutritional values, addresses, and any other relevant on-pack copy
  • Codes and barcodes
  • Images, including all product shots, cameo shots, photographic images, pack shots, background textures, special effects, and illustrations
  • Approved brand guidelines including any master assets such as logos, icons, nutritional table formats, etc.

Clean packaging artwork files are typically constructed using Adobe Illustrator software and are built using…

  • Standardised layering structures
  • Centralised brand colour swatch libraries
  • Automated artwork legends
  • Automated barcode/data matrix creation


Packaging Artwork Services

In a Lean and efficient D2Pe process, all artwork inputs are pre-approved and the artwork approval process is entirely focused on the approval of the convergence of the various individual inputs and their interactions with each other, rather than the approval of the individual inputs themselves.

For example, in a Lean Six Sigma best-practice defined process, pack copy amendments should not be made at the artwork stage as they should have been pre-approved earlier in the process.

All of Aire’s Lean Six Sigma initiatives focus on removing time, delay and waste from the process and importantly on achieving 100% RFT artwork and pre-press production

Faster approvals. Lower costs.              Greater efficiency.

Packaging Artwork Services

There are significant efficiency gains to be made from Aire’s artwork process and technologies, which deliver average artwork right-first-time rates in excess of 99%.

Many legacy D2Pe processes date back to the 1990s. As such, multiple artwork approval loops are commonplace. In line with Lean Six Sigma best practice, our production process accommodates artwork and pre-press as a singular phase with one approval loop – enabling brand owners to save time and money, while improving overall quality.

Digital Colour Management Services

Digital Colour Management

Digital Colour Management


Digital Colour Management Services

Digital colour management methodologies underpin the entire D2Pe process and are instrumental in building accurate, predictive colour metrics into the pre-press process. They also help to manage colour expectations throughout the process and ensure print vendors achieve the approved brand and variant colours easier, faster and more sustainably.

As well as overseeing spot brand and variant colour management, we retouch and colour compensate all imagery as part of the pre-press process. Images are then accurately reproduced when printed, in line with the stakeholder and marketing team’s expectations.


Digital Colour Management Services

Aire’s revolutionary Rhubarb Digital Colour Management technology provides the highest levels of colour management success. Thanks to its inbuilt flexibility and versatility, it works collaboratively with print vendors and not against them. What’s more, apart from every day spectral colour measurement technology, our approach doesn’t require any additional investment from print vendors.

For the technically-minded, .cxf files are our preferred method for communicating colour with print vendors and agency partners, as this takes into account spectral data and substrate information for greater colour matching accuracy.

Any brand. Any format. Any printer.

Digital Colour Management

Our digital colour management not only accommodates an individually rostered print vendor’s requirements, but also print vendors who produce shared print orders when accommodating higher volume orders and procurement contingency planning. In the same way, we accelerate procurement driven print vendor switching with no noticeable differences to your shoppers or consumers. We manage colour meticulously across complex product ranges which use a multitude of packaging formats, packaging materials and print processes.

When it comes to the digital-shelf, we employ the same intense colour accurate and colour-managed approach. This includes adapting designs, typically printed using CMYK and special coloured inks (brand specific colours, spot colours, Pantone colours, etc.) or hybrid colour sets, to the world of digital RGB colour. So, your brand appears consistently and accurately, without exception.

Digital Colour and Print Management Expertise

Press predictive proofs
Brand Colour Standardisation
Digital colour

Packaging Content



Packaging Content

Your reputation is priceless. As a specialist packaging design agency, we never overlook the importance of creating packaging that consistently reflects your values, tone of voice, ambition and commitment to product quality. Whether we’re working with your existing assets, or developing new packaging concepts and prototypes, we never compromise on creativity and always consider and protect your original brand intent.

The right packaging content has the power to convert potential shoppers into sales. We help to overcome the barriers to purchase and influence your audience’s decision-making process. From informative on-pack content and appealing ecommerce copy to captivating packaging design, we create content that captures the essence of your brand.


Packaging Content

From crafting realistic product visuals and packaging illustrations to creating conceptual scamps to help visualise and brief photography, our illustrators will help to develop a recognisable illustration style to call your own.

For brands with pre-established styles we are able to replicate them and/or work with your existing illustrators to ensure continuity of brand.

Product and lifestyle photography

Packaging Content

The human eye processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Just one of the reasons why professional photography is key to your brand’s success. Our experienced team of art directors, photographers, and stylists capture your products in the perfect light and bring out the essence of your brand, in every shot.

From packaging photography, cameo shots and promotional imagery to entire brand portfolios and pack shots, we create strikingly effective imagery that leaves a lasting impression.

Packaging and campaign copywriting

Copywriting Services

The modern world moves fast. Every day, in every way, brands are fighting for attention. To cut through the noise and connect with shoppers and consumers, messaging needs impact.

From on-pack copy creation to campaign copy and ecommerce content, our expert copywriters create messaging that perfectly describes and represents your products, instantly resonating with your audience.

Transcreation - not lost in translation

Packaging Content Services

More than 80% of our work is for non UK-English international markets. We provide translations and automated copy setting and proof-reading in order to amplify your brand all around the world, regardless of sales regions. A literal translation will only take you so far. To truly establish your brand in different countries and cultures you need a more sensitive and subtle approach. You need transcreation from an agency that can balance the demands of local markets, whilst maintaining empathy for global brand requirements.

Regardless of your time-zone, location, language, or culture, we work tirelessly to realise your vision and amplify your brand’s packaging, point of sale design and ecommerce content, the world-over.

CGI Renders

CGI Renders

Ultra-realistic and high-volume CGI renders

CGI Renders

From ecommerce imagery, product visualisations and conceptual packaging mock-ups, to key visuals and high-end photorealistic images, Aire provides a full suite of 3D Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) rendering capabilities.

Our in-house CGI design team has the technology, talent and know-how to produce a limitless array of assets that can be reused and repurposed across multiple channels.

Whether you’re looking for an engaging primary product graphic for your ecommerce site, an attention-grabbing brand animation, digital POS or life-like packaging for your advertising requirements, our CGI renders bring your shoppers and brands closer together.

CGI visualisations developed to meet every challenge

CGI Renders

With advances in technology, the use of CGI in editorial, social media and advertising campaigns has increased, making CGI renders a practical and affordable solution to every content challenge.

At Aire, CGI remains an integral part of the visualisation workflow allowing our designers to explore concepts and materials, without incurring the costs and delays associated with physical mock-ups. CGI enables our team to accurately adapt, modify, recreate and repurpose your existing brand imagery for different formats and channels.

For brands and brand owners, this means faster turnarounds, lower production costs, greater creative freedom and total brand consistency.

A truly interactive approach

CGI Renders

Our clients are at the forefront of everything we do and we take great pride in producing a consistent and collaborative workflow for your brand.

The flexibility of our CGI solution allows us to fully involve your team in the design process, solving design problems from the outset and continually adapting our creative to meet your exact requirements.

With a close-knit, in-house CGI design team, we retain a high level of brand knowledge, colour consistency and attention to detail, guaranteeing exceptional CGI renders, bespoke to your exact requirements.

Animation Services

Animation Services

Scene-stealing animation services for brand owners

Animations that capture and amplify your products and services are an increasingly important part of your brand narrative. From cinematic brand films to product-explainer animations, our animation specialists understand how to showcase your products and services for every channel.

With experience in CGI design and motion graphics, our animation services help brands and brand owners to educate, inform and connect with shoppers and consumers across the globe.

Bespoke from script to production

From informative explainer videos and warm and welcoming character-led animation, to impactful digital POS and imaginative story-telling, our animation services elevate your brand, convey your values and highlight your product quality.

Inspired by your original design intent and using your approved brand assets, our animators weave compelling photorealistic CGI ads and concept animations that capture your audiences’ imagination, on and offline.

And by working within the rules of your existing branding, we drive recognition, ramp up your online visibility, spike interest and ultimately generate more leads, conversions and sales.

Ecommerce Content



Ecommerce Content Services

The way we shop is changing at an unprecedented rate. According to a 2021 report by Reuters, over 70% of Britons now prefer shopping online and on mobile than in-store – up from less than half pre-pandemic. And no channel is changing faster or influencing the future more than ecommerce. From ecommerce site design, to social media, email and mobile marketing, our digital packaging design specialists help brands to capitalise on every opportunity, increase online visibility and boost sales.

We help brands to remain competitive at the online point of purchase, by optimising branded ecommerce content and delivering an enhanced digital pack experience for shoppers.

CONTENT that defines the digital shelf

Ecommerce Content

Our expert ecommerce design team employs a wealth of packaging expertise and user experience design to create rich online experiences that complement your bricks-and-mortar offering. This includes making online shopping simpler and more intuitive.

As a result, our design services are trusted by national and global brands looking to stand out from the category crowd and appeal to today’s online consumers.

And whether the brief is to create a single hero image, a complete content suite, a brand animation, or a mobile marketing campaign, we apply the same attention to detail. This creates content that not only meets the technical specifications of each ecommerce platform, but also delivers clear digital standout.

Optimised hero imagery and enhanced product content

Ecommerce Content

First impressions count in ecommerce. And whether it’s a retouched photo or a CGI render, the primary graphic on a product listing speaks volumes about your brand and commitment to quality. From bottles to beauty imagery, we ensure your products and services always appear in the best possible light.

Our ecommerce design team delivers optimised ecommerce content that brings the digital pack experience to life across multiple retailer ecommerce sites. So, your content never compromises your brand identity or design intent.

Our integrated Computer Generated imagery (CGI) capability helps shoppers make informed decisions about the products they buy and brings your brand almost endless creative flexibility. Using your artwork files, we create entire suites of ecommerce hero images – ensuring seamless brand consistency between your online and offline channels.


Ecommerce Content Services

The average shopper scrolls through the equivalent of 300 feet of mobile content every day. So, creating content that grabs attention and stops shoppers in their tracks is critical.

While in traditional marketing processes, ecommerce content is often considered an afterthought, our innovative D2Pe process provides a streamlined and consistent approach to pack, POS and digital pack/ecommerce content design. This ensures your content is always true to the original design intent and delivers a uniform look, feel and shopper experience throughout.

From graphics and optimised copy to animations, our ecommerce content creators understand how to make your brand shine and convert potential shoppers into online sales.


Ecommerce Content Services

Our ecommerce design team works in conjunction with our specialist partner to bring your brand to life on pure-play sites such as Amazon.

Together, we provide a 360 Amazon service that unifies every stage, from account and listing creation and optimisation, through to digital content, brand store design, advertising, reporting and analysis. This one-stop content creation resource provides a holistic approach to growing your Amazon sales across the UK, Europe and globally.

Our Amazon design service combines an in-depth understanding of how to trade as an Amazon business, with a proven blend of strategic thinking, expert ecommerce content design and operational excellence.

POS Design


Brand-building, attention-grabbing POS design

POS Design Services

Great POS design boosts footfall, builds brand awareness and drives conversion. We help brand owners by designing printed and digital POS materials that consistently increase sales, engage customers and enhance brand building.

Poorly-executed and badly positioned POS design can be invasive or invisible to shoppers and cause lasting damage to your brand.

Our POS design services guard and protect your brand as it is adapted and deployed across formats, sizes and markets to deliver consistency of approach, design, brand and colour.


POS Design Services

For many brand owners, POS design remains a reactive afterthought. POS materials are often designed by a different agency from the packaging design, siloed and managed through a different marketing process and governed by a separate procurement process. This often results in POS materials that bear little resemblance to the original packaging design intent.

In contrast, our packaging and POS design experts work seamlessly alongside each other, to ensure total in-store harmony.

Printed POS Design that stands out from the in-store crowd

POS Design

The best POS design is dramatic, arresting and cinematic. Whether the focus is on structure, shape, new product development, navigation, messaging, re-branding, scent, smell, touch, colour, texture, theme, or ingredient, our in-store theatre specialists create POS solutions that transform the store into your stage.

To ensure total consistency of message and design intent across all markets and regions, we also match to brand colours established on pack and provide transcreation, language adaptations and translations.

As part of this process, we closely collaborate with you, your team and the manufacturing partners. Our unique four-step model takes your brief seamlessly through ideation, concept creation, visualisation and structural exploration, to get under the skin of the campaign and deliver bespoke, on-brand POS design that always stands out from the crowd.


Digital POS within a retail environment has the power to produce significant positive reactions from shoppers. The key is to consider how print and digital work together, whilst complementing the pack and campaign.

We specialise in creating digital screen content that is vibrant, engaging and eye-catching to potential shoppers whilst meeting specific retailer and environment requirements.

Our digital POS makes it easier for viewers to digest and remember information and simpler to communicate brand values. Using digital media to communicate an offer, promotion or campaign allows brands to take shoppers on a journey and deliver a clear, compelling message.

The latest digital and printed POS trends

Digital on-site screen displays
Ecommerce Content
Free/Floor standing display units (FSDUs)
Countertop display units (CDUs)
Shelf edge strips
Pop-up banners
On-shelf leaflet dispensers
Pallet wraps
Large Format Posters
Large Format Banners
Window Graphics
Floor graphics
Vinyl Cling Banners
Price Tickets
Acrylic Prints

Packaging Design



Packaging Design Services

We know that impactful packaging design is intrinsically linked to improved product sales. As a trusted packaging design agency with global expertise, we also understand the need to go beyond the brief and delve deeper into consumer psychology.

Whether we’re creating an on-pack promotion or a global product launch spanning multiple markets, we apply the same attention to detail – from initial concept through to on-shelf delivery.

We also consider how the consumer engages with the pack at home. Armed with this insight, we target specific stages of the consumer journey to provide your brand with the best possible packaging design services.


Packaging Design Services

In an era where packaging design has to work harder than ever, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation. To succeed, we trust in the intuition of our industry experts and our in-depth knowledge of global packaging trends and creativity. We actively collaborate with your team to create packaging design solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

Our packaging designers specialise in creating concepts that are authentic, inclusive, and informed directly by your target audience. And whether the challenge encompasses small changes to existing designs, seasonal promotions, limited edition designs or global relaunches, we provide expertise and a fresh approach in every area.


Packaging Design Services

Brand collaborations can generate significant market interest when done right. Partnership brand assets help bring limited-edition packs to life.

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in working with licensed partners and their brand guidelines and assets. We also understand the intricacies of managing multiple stakeholders whilst combining and balancing multiple brand assets for maximum visibility on shelf, and of course – creating packaging designs that both brand owners and licensors love.


Packaging Design Services

On pack promotions provide a great opportunity to champion upcoming activations and events, share seasonal celebrations with your customers and reaffirm your brand messaging and values.

We help your brand promotions to start the conversation on pack, POS and digital platforms, for maximum reach.

We begin by exploring and enhancing your key messaging to maximise impact and relevance. Then, consistently adapt your campaign to different languages, markets and formats – without compromising your original design intent.


Whether you’re looking to launch the perfect BBQ beverage multi-pack or reposition your products as the quintessential Christmas gift, reaching the right audience at the right time is key to seasonal packaging design success.

Winter or summer, our global packaging design services enable your brands stand out from the crowd, reflect your values, mirror the shopper mindset, and drive purchase.


Packaging Design Services

As successful brands evolve, there is often an opportunity to grow the portfolio. For successful brand building, it is essential to extend the brand consistently and in a controlled manner. So shoppers and consumers continue to recognise it as part of the same family.

Brands can also jump categories and tackle new territories, with new positions in store, new packaging formats and print processes.

As Aire covers all pack formats and material substrates, from both creative and technical aspects, we ensure all brand extension transitions are seamless – leaving you to focus on one thing – exciting your shopper and driving sales.


Line extensions are core to Aire’s daily activity and benefit tremendously from our adaptive design expertise and artwork automation technologies.

Line extensions can track horizontally and vertically across a product portfolio and the Aire way makes it a very quick and easy process – whether it’s an additional flavour or size variant, new product development or a localised design unique to a specific market or region.

What is vital to us is that when in store or online, in your home country or overseas, your lines appear consistent and accurately mirror your original brand design intent and message.