Packaging Content

Your reputation is priceless. As a specialist packaging design agency, we never overlook the importance of creating packaging that consistently reflects your values, tone of voice, ambition and commitment to product quality. Whether we’re working with your existing assets, or developing new packaging concepts and prototypes, we never compromise on creativity and always consider and protect your original brand intent.

The right packaging content has the power to convert potential shoppers into sales. We help to overcome the barriers to purchase and influence your audience’s decision-making process. From informative on-pack content and appealing ecommerce copy to captivating packaging design, we create content that captures the essence of your brand.


Packaging Content

From crafting realistic product visuals and packaging illustrations to creating conceptual scamps to help visualise and brief photography, our illustrators will help to develop a recognisable illustration style to call your own.

For brands with pre-established styles we are able to replicate them and/or work with your existing illustrators to ensure continuity of brand.

Product and lifestyle photography

Packaging Content

The human eye processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Just one of the reasons why professional photography is key to your brand’s success. Our experienced team of art directors, photographers, and stylists capture your products in the perfect light and bring out the essence of your brand, in every shot.

From packaging photography, cameo shots and promotional imagery to entire brand portfolios and pack shots, we create strikingly effective imagery that leaves a lasting impression.

Packaging and campaign copywriting

Copywriting Services

The modern world moves fast. Every day, in every way, brands are fighting for attention. To cut through the noise and connect with shoppers and consumers, messaging needs impact.

From on-pack copy creation to campaign copy and ecommerce content, our expert copywriters create messaging that perfectly describes and represents your products, instantly resonating with your audience.

Transcreation - not lost in translation

Packaging Content Services

More than 80% of our work is for non UK-English international markets. We provide translations and automated copy setting and proof-reading in order to amplify your brand all around the world, regardless of sales regions. A literal translation will only take you so far. To truly establish your brand in different countries and cultures you need a more sensitive and subtle approach. You need transcreation from an agency that can balance the demands of local markets, whilst maintaining empathy for global brand requirements.

Regardless of your time-zone, location, language, or culture, we work tirelessly to realise your vision and amplify your brand’s packaging, point of sale design and ecommerce content, the world-over.