Packaging Artwork

Packaging artwork is the process of taking multiple digital inputs and combining them into a technically correct and aesthetically pleasing digital file that is ready for pre-press production. Pre-approved artwork inputs typically include…

  • Technical drawing (other terms include; dieline, cutter, cutting form, CAD drawing, net drawing, and machine drawing)
  • Design masters or an existing approved master base artwork
  • Pack copy, covering all marketing and promotional text, legal and compliance text, ingredients, nutritional values, addresses, and any other relevant on-pack copy
  • Codes and barcodes
  • Images, including all product shots, cameo shots, photographic images, pack shots, background textures, special effects, and illustrations
  • Approved brand guidelines including any master assets such as logos, icons, nutritional table formats, etc.

Clean packaging artwork files are typically constructed using Adobe® Illustrator® software and are built using…

  • Standardised layering structures
  • Centralised brand colour swatch libraries
  • Automated artwork legends
  • Automated barcode/data matrix creation


Packaging Artwork Services

In a Lean and efficient D2Pe/m process, all artwork inputs are pre-approved and the artwork approval process is entirely focused on the approval of the convergence of the various individual inputs and their interactions with each other, rather than the approval of the individual inputs themselves.

For example, in a Lean Six Sigma best-practice defined process, pack copy amendments should not be made at the artwork stage as they should have been pre-approved earlier in the process.

All of Aire’s Lean Six Sigma initiatives focus on removing time, delay and waste from the process and importantly on achieving 100% RFT artwork and pre-press production

Faster approvals. Lower costs.              Greater efficiency.

Packaging Artwork Services

There are significant efficiency gains to be made from Aire’s artwork process and technologies, which deliver average artwork right-first-time rates in excess of 99%.

Many legacy D2P processes date back to the 1990s. As such, multiple artwork approval loops are commonplace. In line with Lean Six Sigma best practice, our production process accommodates artwork and pre-press as a singular phase with one approval loop – enabling brand owners to save time and money, while improving overall quality.