What are packaging prototypes?

Packaging Prototypes

A packaging prototype is an ‘exact’ replica of the final packaging, unlike packaging mock-ups or sales samples, which are usually produced with little or no consideration for the printing press or on-shelf colour.

Traditionally, the only way to see exactly how the final product would perform was to undergo an expensive and time-consuming print trial. Our solution enables ‘print trial avoidance’, which significantly reduces lead times and costs whilst also negating any unnecessary impact on the environment, helping brand owners meet their sustainability targets.

Our packaging prototype service eliminates the anxious waiting time and associated risk, when final packaging isn’t often seen until it’s too late … in store!! It also allows you to see a colour-accurate, printed facsimile of the packaging before the final artwork goes to print.


Packaging Prototypes

An initial design concept may look amazing when presented, but it’s vital to understand the technical challenges of taking that design into print and assessing how it will perform, look and feel on the shelf.

Aire eliminates that ‘pit-of-the stomach’ feeling when seeing packaging in store that is underwhelming and is far from what was expected.

Our spectral colour measurement technology enables us to create individual, or short runs, of packs that mirror the final, full-production version.

To create an accurate representation of the finished article, we work with your print vendors, and their ink suppliers, to obtain all of the necessary print tool, substrate and press data.


By bringing your ideas to life in this way, we save you time, reduce costs, manage expectations from the start, speed up stakeholder buy-in and minimise your environmental footprint.

Our innovative print management services also allow any technical and production issues and restrictions to be identified and resolved ahead of production. ‘Print trial avoidance’ is just one of the many steps we take to make your production budgets go further, whilst reducing your impact on the environment.