Digital Colour Management


Digital Colour Management Services

Digital colour management methodologies underpin the entire D2Pe process and are instrumental in building accurate, predictive colour metrics into the pre-press process. They also help to manage colour expectations throughout the process and ensure print vendors achieve the approved brand and variant colours easier, faster and more sustainably.

As well as overseeing spot brand and variant colour management, we retouch and colour compensate all imagery as part of the pre-press process. Images are then accurately reproduced when printed, in line with the stakeholder and marketing team’s expectations.

Colour management and brand consistency on the virtual shelf, in digital stores, on ecommerce platforms and in the metaverse are just as important, and it’s Aire’s job to ensure total harmony with physical store content.


Digital Colour Management Services

Aire’s revolutionary Rhubarb Digital Colour Management technology provides the highest levels of colour management success. Thanks to its inbuilt flexibility and versatility, it works collaboratively with print vendors and not against them. What’s more, apart from every day spectral colour measurement technology, our approach doesn’t require any additional investment from print vendors.

For the technically-minded, .cxf files are our preferred method for communicating colour with print vendors and agency partners, as this takes into account spectral data and substrate information for greater colour matching accuracy.

Any brand. Any format. Any printer.

Digital Colour Management

Our digital colour management not only accommodates an individually rostered print vendor’s requirements, but also print vendors who produce shared print orders when accommodating higher volume orders and procurement contingency planning. In the same way, we accelerate procurement driven print vendor switching with no noticeable differences to your shoppers or consumers. We manage colour meticulously across complex product ranges which use a multitude of packaging formats, packaging materials and print processes.

When it comes to the digital-shelf, we employ the same intense colour accurate and colour-managed approach. This includes adapting designs, typically printed using CMYK and special coloured inks (brand specific colours, spot colours, Pantone colours, etc.) or hybrid colour sets, to the world of digital RGB colour. So, your brand appears consistently and accurately, without exception.

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