Brand-building, attention-grabbing POS design

POS Design Services

Great POS design boosts footfall, builds brand awareness and drives conversion. We help brand owners by designing printed and digital POS materials that consistently increase sales, engage customers and enhance brand building.

Poorly-executed and badly positioned POS design can be invasive or invisible to shoppers and cause lasting damage to your brand.

Our POS design services guard and protect your brand as it is adapted and deployed across formats, sizes and markets to deliver consistency of approach, design, brand and colour.


POS Design Services

For many brand owners, POS design remains a reactive afterthought. POS materials are often designed by a different agency from the packaging design, siloed and managed through a different marketing process and governed by a separate procurement process. This often results in POS materials that bear little resemblance to the original packaging design intent.

In contrast, our packaging and POS design experts work seamlessly alongside each other, to ensure total in-store harmony.

Printed POS Design that stands out from the in-store crowd

POS Design

The best POS design is dramatic, arresting and cinematic. Whether the focus is on structure, shape, new product development, navigation, messaging, re-branding, scent, smell, touch, colour, texture, theme, or ingredient, our in-store theatre specialists create POS solutions that transform the store into your stage.

To ensure total consistency of message and design intent across all markets and regions, we also match to brand colours established on pack and provide transcreation, language adaptations and translations.

As part of this process, we closely collaborate with you, your team and the manufacturing partners. Our unique four-step model takes your brief seamlessly through ideation, concept creation, visualisation and structural exploration, to get under the skin of the campaign and deliver bespoke, on-brand POS design that always stands out from the crowd.


Digital POS within a retail environment has the power to produce significant positive reactions from shoppers. The key is to consider how print and digital work together, whilst complementing the pack and campaign.

We specialise in creating digital screen content that is vibrant, engaging and eye-catching to potential shoppers whilst meeting specific retailer and environment requirements.

Our digital POS makes it easier for viewers to digest and remember information and simpler to communicate brand values. Using digital media to communicate an offer, promotion or campaign allows brands to take shoppers on a journey and deliver a clear, compelling message.

The latest digital and printed POS trends

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