Packaging Design Services

We know that impactful packaging design is intrinsically linked to improved product sales. As a trusted packaging design agency with global expertise, we also understand the need to go beyond the brief and delve deeper into consumer psychology.

Whether we’re creating an on-pack promotion or a global product launch spanning multiple markets, we apply the same attention to detail – from initial concept through to on-shelf delivery.

We also consider how the consumer engages with the pack at home. Armed with this insight, we target specific stages of the consumer journey to provide your brand with the best possible packaging design services.


Packaging Design Services

In an era where packaging design has to work harder than ever, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation. To succeed, we trust in the intuition of our industry experts and our in-depth knowledge of global packaging trends and creativity. We actively collaborate with your team to create packaging design solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

Our packaging designers specialise in creating concepts that are authentic, inclusive, and informed directly by your target audience. And whether the challenge encompasses small changes to existing designs, seasonal promotions, limited edition designs or global relaunches, we provide expertise and a fresh approach in every area.


Packaging Design Services

Brand collaborations can generate significant market interest when done right. Partnership brand assets help bring limited-edition packs to life.

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in working with licensed partners and their brand guidelines and assets. We also understand the intricacies of managing multiple stakeholders whilst combining and balancing multiple brand assets for maximum visibility on shelf, and of course – creating packaging designs that both brand owners and licensors love.


Packaging Design Services

On pack promotions provide a great opportunity to champion upcoming activations and events, share seasonal celebrations with your customers and reaffirm your brand messaging and values.

We help your brand promotions to start the conversation on pack, POS, ecommerce, metaverse and other digital platforms, for maximum reach.

We begin by exploring and enhancing your key messaging to maximise impact and relevance. Then, consistently adapt your campaign to different languages, markets and formats – without compromising your original design intent.


Whether you’re looking to launch the perfect BBQ beverage multi-pack or reposition your products as the quintessential Christmas gift, reaching the right audience at the right time is key to seasonal packaging design success.

Winter or summer, our global packaging design services enable your brands stand out from the crowd, reflect your values, mirror the shopper mindset, and drive purchase.


Packaging Design Services

As successful brands evolve, there is often an opportunity to grow the portfolio. For successful brand building, it is essential to extend the brand consistently and in a controlled manner. So shoppers and consumers continue to recognise it as part of the same family.

Brands can also jump categories and tackle new territories, with new positions in store, new packaging formats and print processes.

As Aire covers all pack formats and material substrates, from both creative and technical aspects, we ensure all brand extension transitions are seamless – leaving you to focus on one thing – exciting your shopper and driving sales.


Line extensions are core to Aire’s daily activity and benefit tremendously from our adaptive design expertise and artwork automation technologies.

Line extensions can track horizontally and vertically across a product portfolio and the Aire way makes it a very quick and easy process – whether it’s an additional flavour or size variant, new product development or a localised design unique to a specific market or region.

What is vital to us is that when in-store or online, in your home country or overseas, your lines appear consistent and accurately mirror your original brand design intent and message.