the fastest way to create size, variant and market artwork roll-outs

Automated Artwork Services

Fully automating your artwork production process is a game-changer for any FMCG brand owner looking for 100% RFT. Totally compliant, fit-for-shelf artwork, produced in a high-speed, technology-fuelled environment is possible today.

Aire’s proprietary artwork automation technology is unique thanks to its ability to embrace Adobe® Illustrator® rather than resist it, as other artwork automation production solutions do. Adobe® Illustrator® is the global industry standard for packaging design, artwork, and pre-press – as such, we chose to work with it and not against it, while still being able to drive PDF production and automated pre-press workflows.

50x more productivity. 100% Right First Time artwork.

Artwork Automation

Any competent Artwork Production Specialist can become a Production Automation Specialist, enabling them to create automation master templates upstream and see their own individual productivity increase by around x50 when it comes to creating size, variant, and market roll-outs.

100% RFT becomes reality, based on the inputs supplied directly from a brand owner’s own or Aire’s Product Information Management system (PIM).

Alternatively, our proprietary artwork automation technology can be driven using structured data provided in simple XML or .xls formats, providing ultimate workflow flexibility.

one source of truth for all packaging and ecommerce copy

Artwork Automation

For businesses without formal control or a structured approach to managing their pack and ecommerce data, Aire can help by enabling Score Product Information Management (PIM) – Aire’s packaging, POS, ecommerce and metaverse content management solution.

Score PIM can replicate data in and out of your existing technologies, ensuring all parties have secure access to the approved, one-source-of-truth data – a guaranteed representation of the information on the digital or physical shelf. Aire’s Application Programming Interface (API) team is well versed with technology integrations and is able to integrate our tech with any permissible system.

Structured data to automatically build artwork

Artwork Automation

Aire’s artwork automation technology is highly advanced and mature – it is the packaging graphics production industry leader. When combined with Score PIM, it helps brands to achieve the fastest speeds to market, pack change updates and exceedingly high standards of RFT quality.

Our technologies simply cannot be imitated by human Production Artwork Specialists … one of the many reasons why Aire doesn’t employ off-shore manual production models as part of our solution.