Aire Global has placed 16th in The Yorkshire Post Ward Hadaway Fastest 50 2022 Awards, which celebrates outstanding business achievement in the North East, Yorkshire and North West.

Each year Ward Hadaway compiles a list of 50 privately-owned, profitable organisations that have seen the biggest average annual growth rate in their turnover in each of these three regions.

“Flood risk, Brexit, Pandemic, talent shortages, The Great Resignation, rising cost base, inflation, the indirect impact of war, looming recession … it has been a challenging few years for any business, not just those based in Leeds or Yorkshire,” explained Jack Lipp, Aire Global’s Chief Transformation Officer.

“The Yorkshire Fastest 50, compiled by The Yorkshire Post and Ward Hadaway, recognises those businesses who help to keep our economy moving in the right direction. The event, held in Leeds, gave the opportunity to celebrate and showcase this fantastic group of businesses who, collectively, have demonstrated their strength, spirit and success in recent years. The Fastest 50 provides a cause for celebration and a focus for positive messages about Yorkshire, showcasing some of our region’s most successful and innovative businesses.”

“There’s around half a million businesses in the Yorkshire and Humber region registered at Companies House and it is fantastic recognition for all of our team to have been recognised as the 16th-placed fastest growing business in Yorkshire for 2022. Well done to all of our Aire Crew for taking to the challenge of managing these levels of growth and for making it look easy! Thank you to Ward Hadaway and Yorkshire Post for pulling this all together once again and for the drinks at the event! Congratulations also to Ivegate for taking first position and for managing their exponential growth!”