Congratulations to Kellogg’s, who have won Best In Class at the 2021 PAC Awards for Coco Pops World Sight Day limited edition pack. As Kellogg Europe’s Adaptive Design agency, we are incredibly proud to have partnered with them on such an iconic piece of Inclusive Design.



Accessibility is a fundamental design strategy for Kellogg’s and to mark World Sight Day, they partnered with The Royal National Institute of Blind People RNIB, St Vincent’s School and Co-op to launch a trial of Coco Pops, featuring Braille and a UK first technology, NaviLens.

NaviLens allows smartphones to pick up an on-pack code from up to three metres away when a blind or partially-sighted shopper walks by the pack. Triggering an alert on their phone, the shopper can then opt to hear an audio version of the product details. Currently used on transport systems across Spain, NaviLens helps ease the navigation of thousands of visually impaired citizens. Now introduced into the UK for the first time with the technology being used on Kellogg’s packaging.

This pack really demonstrates how Aire’s Inclusive Design skills can be fully optimised.

In order to make Coco Pops more inclusive and whilst being careful to keep the integrity of the brand, we looked to simplify the pack semiotics. By strengthening the use of colour, shape, size and space it allowed us to create a pack that was easier to navigate for people with varying degrees of sight loss. The simplification process enabled us to successfully apply the Braille, whilst maximising the NaviLens technology, and amplifying the key brand identifiers. The result is the most accessible Kellogg’s pack ever!

Kellogg’s expects their contribution to help lead the innovation of future packaging initiatives in the Inclusive Design arena, whilst hoping to become an inspiration for other brand owners.

Client Testimonial: Pete Matthews Kellogg’s Director, Brand Design and Operations
“At Kellogg’s we are passionate about inclusive design and committed to make our packaging more accessible. The dedicated support and expertise from our partners at Aire made a huge contribution to the success of this initiative.”