Aire Global joined the speaking panel at this years PAC Global Disruptors Summit to talk about creating right first time packaging artwork at lightning speed.

Watch Aire’s Chief Transformation Officer, Jack Lipp, reveal how the latest pack copy management and artwork automation technology is simplifying and streamlining graphics processes all around the world:


Artwork automation is the only consistent way to obtain right-first-time, fully compliant artwork. Taking cleansed and approved structured data inputs and flowing them directly into the artwork eliminates the possibility of human error and allows capable technology to care for your brand.

Automating packaging artwork dissolves unnecessary communication chains, and the associated delays and risks, allowing the artwork build process to take seconds and not days.

Artwork automation enables higher volumes of packaging artwork production to increase quality, consistency and accuracy across entire brand portfolios,

And once fully implemented, any marketing or legal updates to an artwork, at any stage of a products’ life cycle, can be made almost instantly.” – Jack Lipp, Chief Transformation Officer