Packaging Design Tips
In its early days, the sole purpose of packaging was to preserve the integrity of a product when transported from A to B.

Today, product packaging has evolved into a multi-faceted marketing tool, used to add value,
functionality, and create a lasting connection with consumers, far beyond the point of purchase.

In the world of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), packaging design is now almost as important as the product it encases, with one third of purchase decisions based on the packaging alone.

To meet the demands of the modern shopper, brands now need to adapt to this paradigm shift – and sooner rather than later. Those that don’t will remain on the shelves, as the competition flies from them!

We sat down with our team of specialist packaging designers, tapping into their expert knowledge to bring you these 12 quick-fire packaging design tips.

1. Place yourself in the shopper’s shoes

Navigate your packaging communication hierarchy and assess its merchandising barriers through the lens of your shopper.

2. Communicate clearly

Use a tone of voice that your audience can relate to. It should be engaging and easy to understand.

3. Stay on-brand

By consistently presenting your brand, you can increase sales revenue by up to 23%.

Packaging Design Tips
4. Use colour smartly

Colour is a powerful semiotic that subconsciously connects with shoppers.

5. Appeal to the senses

Humans are sensory beings. We like to see, smell and taste what we consume, so it’s key that your image content can hit these bliss points.

6. Reach your customers online

Ecommerce content suites can increase the credibility of your products and drive online sales, with 75% of shoppers relying on product imagery when deciding on a potential purchase.

Packaging Design Tips

7. Tell stories

Remember that your packaging is far more than just a beauty parade.

8. Personalise your packaging

Personalised packaging is a great way to engage with your audience, create excitement around your brand and drive sales.

9. Design inclusively

By making pragmatic design changes, your packaging can be more accessible and reach millions of potential new customers that suffer with visual impairment, cognitive challenges, language and literacy barriers. Watch our Creative Director, Gavin Greenhalf, discuss how your brand can design more inclusively.

Packaging Design Tips
10. Disrupt the category

By understanding your competition, you can use design and structure to disrupt the category conventions and achieve greater impact in-store and online.

11. Think about the environmental impact

Is there a more environmentally conscious solution that can also make your brand more engaging and relevant?

12. Create Connected Packaging

Transform a simple pack into a digital experience. Connected packaging helps brand-to-consumer engagement via the internet or smartphone, helping your products to connect with the consumer on a deeper level.

Could your packaging design work harder for your brand? To learn more, explore our transformative packaging design services and book your Aire time today!