The background

Accelerated by the global pandemic, the ecommerce sector has grown rapidly in the UK within the last decade, with more than one quarter of all retail purchases now made online, expected to rise to one third by 2024. Online shopping has now become the new norm for millions of shoppers in the UK, who are able to access a wide variety of products from the comfort and convenience of their own home, all with the click of a button.

It’s not only shoppers that are embracing this digital evolution, brands are too, investing in their products and online presence to offer shoppers a rich, engaging ecommerce experience, at a time where they are shopping more online.

The brief

Mondelez International is no exception to this, constantly developing its snacking products — and accompanying ecommerce listings — to suit the ever-growing needs of snack-obsessed shoppers. Earlier this year, Mondelez appointed Aire Global to develop ecommerce image suites for its latest line extension, Cadbury Cards.

Available in two indulgent flavour variants, Hazelnut Creme Hearts and White Chocolate Truffle Flowers, Cadbury Cards feature a personalisable card within the packaging that can be written on and reclosed, making it the perfect ‘just because’ gift. Targeted at a new demographic of 18-35 year olds, Cadbury Cards are a tasty treat and a delightful gift for any occasion, all year round.

The result

Our dynamic design and visualisation teams set to work on creating an ecommerce image suite for both flavour variants, that showcased the product, the two top of pack designs, along with the personalisation element and sustainability credentials. We created detailed CGI renders to showcase the product ingredients and personalisable packaging features, whilst introducing eye-catching typography to provide clear instruction on how to personalise the products for gifting.

Adhering scrupulously to Cadbury’s brand guidelines, we designed engaging ecommerce image suites — expertly optimised for the digital shelf — that were consistent with the iconic Cadbury brand and its wider product portfolio.

Looking for the perfect gift for all occasions? Look no further than Cadbury Cards, now available in all major retailers, in-store and online.

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