The background

Tang is one of the world’s leading powdered beverage brands, launched in the U.S. in 1957.

The brand soared into the stratosphere in 1965, with the Gemini astronauts taking Tang along with them on their space mission. It soon became the ‘must have’ in NASA’s space rations for the following decade, and just like that, Tang became a universal sensation.

Sold in over 30 countries worldwide, it is especially popular in the Middle East, Latin America and Asia, with the Philippines being one of its top 3 markets.

Mondeléz International appointed Aire to localise the global refresh of the Tang packaging portfolio for the Philippines market, with a key focus on enhancing the taste appeal and calling-out the vitamin enrichments.

The brief

It was a fundamental requirement for the new packaging to have greater stand out on-shelf,  whilst ensuring that the brand integrity was maintained for consumer navigation across the full variant portfolio.

Aire played a pivotal role in the localisation of the full range of sachet and refill packs. Our packaging design team extensively explored variant colour solutions, sourced food cameo content with retouching for full design master builds across a whopping 26 SKU variants.

The objective

The vast scale of the Tang powdered range meant that in some instances, the colour cues across the flavour variants existed on the same spectrum.

Our objective was to ensure each flavour had an ownable and defined colourway, to increase ease of navigation in store for the shopper. Utilising our online collaborative whiteboarding technology, we hosted working sessions with our client contacts across the globe, allowing us to present the full range remotely whilst receiving immediate feedback.

The result

Our team worked around the clock to bring the new redesign to life, accounting for the different time zones and keeping the client updated every step of the way.

As showcased in the animation above, we achieved complete brand consistency across the range, with great localised insight for a design that is both striking on-shelf and easy to navigate in-store. And it goes without saying, the client was absolutely delighted with the result:

“Aire’s meticulous skill is best seen in their ability to pick up our ever-changing builds as they prioritize speed to execute without ever compromising the quality of each design. More than that, the team is just really great to work with. Each meeting draws a very collaborative style of working, whereas other agencies settle for a more directional relationship. Because of the team’s strategic thinking, we’re able to come up with innovative ideas that inevitably lead to top-tier designs.”

– Rachelle Virata, Brand Manager

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