The background

Online shopping continued to grow at lightning pace in 2021, with experts stating that the pandemic has accelerated the global shift to ecommerce by 5 years. This rise in online shopping is showing no signs of letting up, with sales forecast to reach 22% of all retail sales in 2023 (vs 14.1% in 2019)

Now online shopping has become the new norm, brands are continually investing in their online presence, to enhance the shopper experience, drive conversions and boost sales. 

With a wealth of packaging expertise and ecommerce content design, to create rich online experiences that convert shoppers into sales, Aire collaborates with many of the world’s leading FMCG brand owners, to help their brands stand out from the online crowd. 

The brief

Last year, Mondelez International briefed Aire to design a range of ecommerce image suites for its iconic confectionery brand, Cadbury, to help enhance its online offering through major retailers, in time for this year’s Easter holidays.

After a thorough exploration of visual territories and a brand immersion session, our expert ecommerce team set to work. In addition to optimising existing ecommerce image suites for Cadbury Creme Eggs, we created a range of brand new new image suites for the Twirl Orange Egg, Dairy Milk Hot Cross Bun bar and Easter Egg Hunt ranges. 

The result

Our Cadbury ecommerce image suites were strategically crafted to enhance navigation and to guide shopper purchase intent. They contained a range of different optimised image types, including:

  • Mobile Ready Hero Imagery (MRHI), developed to help shoppers find the products they’re searching for, faster
  • Out of pack imagery, to showcase what’s inside the pack, helping inform purchase decisions 
  • Lifestyle imagery, to help shoppers identify with the brand and its products
  • Infographic, to communicate on-pack activations such as a voice-activated easter egg hunt

“It was great working with Aire Global and I am very proud of the work they have created! Their dedication is evident in all aspects and I have definitely enjoyed the creative journey we went through together to deliver these amazing visuals.” – Mara Popa, Brand Executive, Mondelez International.

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