Kellogg’s x Uno!

Challenge Uno? Never! Get ready for a pack of fun with the Kellogg’s UNO card match game. Purchase a pack of your favourite Kellogg Company cereal and play for a chance to win a bespoke set of Kellogg’s UNO cards, adding a euphoric twist to your breakfast routine.

Wild Card! Aire’s promotional packaging design team worked their magic to transform Coco, Tony and friends into bespoke Uno cards, turning this beloved game into a lively celebration of everyone’s favourite characters. With each draw, skip and reverse, you’ll experience the joy of this vibrant collaboration come to life!

Colour Change? Absolutely not! When it comes to colour, we don’t play games. Aire has meticulously managed the brand and variant colours throughout, ensuring that all imagery and branding are consistent and accurate to the characters we all know and love, guaranteeing the highest quality to sit alongside the iconic packaging.

Draw Two! Want to bring your brand to life? Our POS design services have got you covered! We expertly guard and protect your brand as it’s adapted and deployed across all formats, sizes, and markets. We ensure consistency in approach, design, brand identity and colour so your brand always looks its best, no matter where it goes – just like Kellogg’s!

Skip? I don’t think so. When done right, brand collaborations can generate significant market interest and bring your limited-edition packs to life. With our depth of experience and knowledge in working with license partners, we understand the complexity of managing multiple brand assets without compromising identity and ensuring your product’s success.

UNO! Now, that’s a win for everyone involved!