MIGHTY’s ‘Not Milk’ range!

When Mighty approached Aire, they were seeking a partner to elevate their brand with cutting-edge animated design and CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) renders. The use of CGI in editorial, social media, and advertising campaigns has surged for good reasons. CGI renders offer a practical and cost-effective solution to all content challenges, providing convenience and efficiency that can streamline your workload and liberate your time.

Our in-house CGI design team is equipped with the latest technology, a wealth of talent, and extensive know-how. We create diverse, adaptable and repurposed assets that can be used across various channels, extending Mighty Ice Cream’s reach and ensuring everyone can experience joy!

Whether you’re looking for engaging primary product graphics for your ecommerce site,  attention-grabbing brand animation, digital POS or lifelike packaging for your advertising requirements, our CGI renders bring your shoppers and brands closer together.

If your brand is still feeling the heat with constant photoshoots, tight deadlines and those big, unnecessary budgets, you know where to cool off -hello@aireglobal.com