The challenge

The tradition of gift giving dates back thousands of years being such an important part of our lives through celebrations and occasions; however, the sales of festive packs have been declining. Young people no longer buy traditional gift packs, which are seen as old fashioned, producing multiple SKUs for different events is costly and delivers little Return on Investment.

What we did

We undertook extensive desk research to understand the fundamental underlying human motivations behind multiple festivals, reviewing the category behaviours to identify the most used and recognised festival equities. The Aire team talked to people of multiple cultural and ethnic backgrounds to understand what the key festivals meant to them and the equities they found most memorable and motivating. From these conversations we identified the images and messages that were universal across cultures and festivities.

The result

We developed a pack solution that:
• Has greater appeal to younger, currently unengaged consumers
• Worked effectively for three months on shelf across all three celebrations
– Christmas
– Chinese New Year
– Valentines Day
A very effective solution at replacing the need for three unique pack designs saving significant costs whilst increasing brand presence and on-shelf impact.

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