The Brief

Kellogg’s Fruit Winders is a household name all over the nation, from being a staple in every kids lunch box to being enjoyed at any time of the day, Fruit Winders have been a favourite of parents and kids for over 20 years. Following 10 years in the market with the previous design, Kellogg’s looked to modernise the Winders brand. 

With the winders branding being 12 years old, they took the opportunity in their rise in popularity for a fresh new look. Wanting to appeal to new and existing customers, the brief required the new design to bring to life the naturalness of Winders, while modernising and maintaining the fun and playfulness of the brand.

What we created

Following the market trend for ‘simplified’ design, Aire’s creative team stripped the design back to keep it clean and simple, bringing a more modern and fresh approach to a classic design. Maintaining the visual elements of the brand with a modern twist to keep the strong impact at shelf and ensure Winders continues to disrupt against its competitor peers. The new illustration style projects a modern twist on naturalness of flavour, and the design update also captures the key personality of Winders.

Several games and activities were created to continue the brand ethos through onto the back of pack and inner wrappers, each allowing consumers to continue to ‘unwind the fruity fun … forever’. The games included word searches, crosswords, code breakers and jokes/did you know facts, all aimed at the target audience with a winders inspired tone of voice and a fruity theme. The backing paper and inner wrap was also included in the redesign, to continue the jokes and ‘did you knows’.

The result

The team created a new consistent packaging design delivering a fresh, new look for a nostalgic brand and, hitting the brief of modernising this classic. The new design helps the Winders brand to continue inspiring creativity, fun, and imagination in a spontaneous and engaging way.

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