Pringles Digital POS

The Overview

The gaming industry continues to be a global phenomenon, rapidly evolving with over 1.7bn players worldwide, generating an annual revenue of $92bn, set to rise to $200bn by 2022. In EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa) alone it has enjoyed year-on-year growth of 11.5% at €35bn, with a split of 55% men and 45% women.

Unlike most entertainment platforms, gaming connects people from all backgrounds and beliefs. It helps build new communities by connecting people who may otherwise have never connected. ‘Social gaming’ is now the new norm, with 64% of gamers playing online with friends.

The well known snack of occasions and sharing, Pringles, partnered up with video gaming brand Xbox in November 2020, to launch Xbox Series X.

Whilst Pringles briefly pops you out of the gaming routine, similar to gaming, it produces unexpected moments of fun and social connection making it the perfect snack to accompany any gaming experience.

The Brief

Pringles approached Aire to help them bring their Xbox promotion to life within the retail environment, across 9 different European markets.

Our task was to consider POS formats that would best communicate the promotion to the the target audience of gamers and develop the accompanying creative.

The Challenge

Gaming is soon set to become the most dominant sport in the world with gamers spending billions of hours both playing and watching gaming content. With this medium seeing such wide-scale adoption, communication to support related campaigns needs to be visualised through a platform that best resonates with the shopper.

Using digital media to communicate an offer, promotion or campaign allows brands to transcend and perhaps more importantly, control the shopper journey, delivering timely messages that can be easily digested.

With this in mind, Aire’s expert design team repurposed the eye-catching imagery for the physical point of sale (POS) items, producing a range of dynamic animations for in-store digital POS screens.

This helped Pringles bring the promotion to life in a format which really resonated with the target audience of gamers, while emphasising the fantastic prize on offer to Pringles consumers: an Xbox Series X, in addition to a free 7-day Xbox online gaming pass.

The Result

Following our recommendations, and building on the huge success of this project, digital POS will be considered as part of all relevant future briefs for Kelloggs and Pringles to support their in-store collateral.

“Aire took on the challenge of creating animations for use on digital screens, in stores across Europe, for the first time with Pringles Gaming. They understood our requirements and adopted the new process to produce excellent work. The playful animations certainly brought our Key Visual to life.”

Tayler Regan – Innovations and POS Manager

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