The background

Quorn is on a mission to provide healthy food, whilst reducing our impact on the planet. Quorn believes that eating meat free should be a delicious diet experience, while also providing a healthier and more environmentally sustainable source of protein.

Continually striving to inspire their consumers with new and inventive recipes, Quorn is actively encouraging a new wave of consumers to go meat free and embrace a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

With the meat free industry booming and showing no signs of slowing down, this presented a perfect opportunity for Quorn to refresh their brand design and take their meat-free revolution global.

The brief

When Quorn asked Aire to join them in kick-starting their new meat free movement, we were eager to jump on board.

Serving up a delicious starter, Quorn’s strategic agency handed over their beautifully crafted concepts design to Aire, in order to adapt and develop the creative main course. Cooking up a storm with new recipe photography, colour management and print-ready files, our mission was simple – to amplify Quorn’s brand across their entire core portfolio.

The result

As Quorn’s adaptive brand guardians, we understand how small changes can make a big difference.

Taking the initial design intent, Aire then ensured that the brand assets were applied successfully across every pack format, market and category pillar, whilst maintaining the brand’s integrity.

Utilising Aire’s in house expertise for art direction and image retouching, we produced deliciously inspirational recipe photography shots, showcasing the key ingredients for each of Quorn’s family favourite products.

Then, we deployed Rhubarb, our digital colour management technology, covering all of Quorn’s newly revitalised pillar colours, taking us to final approval and the creation of print ready files for all of Quorn’s rostered printer vendors. Rhubarb, our in-house digital colour management technology, ensures completely optimised and consistent brand, variant and image colours across all print vendors and covers all print processes for every pack format.

After successfully implementing the re-design on over 60 UK SKUs to date across all packaging touchpoints, we were able to create fully optimised ecommerce hero imagery and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) of the packs to be utilised in various on-line grocery stores and digital media platforms as part of Quorn’s new brand campaign.

The UK portfolio is just the start of Quorn’s redesign journey, with the Nordic, Benelux, Australian and USA markets on the horizon, all eager for their participation in the rebrand.

We are extremely excited to see Quorn’s meat free masterpiece unveiled to the rest of the world. A perfect exhibition of a seamless Design to Print process with the benefit of having adaptive design, content creation, artwork automation, packaging repro and digital colour management services, all working in harmony together.

“Let the revolution begin! This is the first project I have done with Aire but I can honestly say despite the time pressure it’s the most efficient and effective I have been a part of in my career, when it comes to a brand redesign. Fantastic job by you all. Well done and thank you to you all again.”

Lucy Grogut, Head of Brand Marketing, Quorn

“Just to let you know that I’ve been hearing really positive things around the business about the Aire Design and Aire Pro teams – from great work, to going the extra mile, to being ‘the best design and artwork agency we have ever worked with’. Lucy and Hayley continue to do a fabulous job at front-of-house. So hats off to you and the team, and a big thank you from me and the Quorn team.”

Sam Blunt, Head of Global Operations, Quorn

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