The background

The snacking market has boomed in recent years, with reports suggesting that an incredible 66% of adults in the UK snack at least once a day. Is this a result of people leading busier lifestyles? Or is it because the snacks on offer are proving too hard to resist?

Either way, the disruption of the ‘three meals a day’ social norm has influenced many brands within the FMCG space to tap into this niche and introduce tasty treats to tantalise the taste buds whilst on the go.

The brief

Customer research by Kellogg’s highlighted that 65% of its Rice Krispies Squares bars are consumed at breakfast time, and wanted to introduce a new offering to satisfy those afternoon treat-seekers. So they developed two new delicious flavours of Squares, Cookies & Cream and Salted Caramel Pretzel, to be launched in the UK.

Our brief was to create design concepts for these American style flavour variants, and adapt these across multiple touchpoints in store, including pack and point-of-sale.

The challenge

The challenge was to create design concepts that were dynamic, playful and fun, appealing to a family audience, whilst achieving maximum stand out in store.

Starting with an exploration of visual territories, we progressed this project through our diligent and efficient design process, using our project management technologies to ensure key deadlines were met.

The result

The new, eye-catching designs feature colourful cues and bold patterns, driven by an American diner theme and a show stopper taste profile.

With a strong emphasis on the indulgent ingredients, these were styled to hero the real flavours and create a desert-style food cameo. The branding, complete with vibrant diner signage and references to the American national flag, reinforces the playful pack theme and American style flavours. We think they look scrumptious, don’t you? Grab yourself a pack today, and start living the American dream!

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