With 689 million people, South East Asia has the highest population growth of any global region. Its combined GDP of $3.2 trillion makes it comparable to the world’s fifth-largest economy.

South East Asia is now the most exciting place for brand-building globally.

Aire Global has been present in South East Asia continuously since 2018. We are continually investing in the growth of our design and production services, opening our Thailand hub in Bangkok in 2022 to service and grow Aire Global’s design and production offer across Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific.

Aire Global is 100% committed to South East Asia, and here’s why:

  • SEA consumers are young; nearly half are under 30.
  • They are incredibly well connected, with exceedingly high smartphone penetration and daily internet use. In Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, the internet economy (ecommerce, food delivery, and financial services) will be $360 billion by 2025
  • They are increasingly affluent, and, according to the Brookings Institute, nearly 50% will soon be ‘middle class’.
  • SEA’s people are proud of their home countries and their region. 45% strongly identify with being ‘South East Asian’. We understand, respect, and honour that sense of identity in our work.
  • In terms of brands, they are active and engaged consumers with a high appreciation of brands and increasingly discerning tastes. They aspire to global brands – but are also proud of their local brands.
  • Most CEOs interviewed by HBR said their future business growth would come from new markets, like South East Asia.

What is Aire Global doing?

  • We have a track record of delivering successful projects in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam.
  • We have invested in local talent and people. Our dedicated Client Delight, Creative, and Strategy team is based in Thailand, with back-end automated packaging artwork production and print-technical support from the UK.
  • We have connections to the best SEA talent,
understand consumer insights, and know the market specifics and the retail environments.
  • We have a solid understanding of consumers’ wants and emotions and the role brands and great design can play in their lives.
  • We work closely with our regional clients to understand their needs and ambitions.
  • Being privately owned and independent, we are agile and adaptable, doing what the others do not, will not, or can not.
  • We combine our UK industry foundations in packaging, point of sale management, and ecommerce content design and production with our global expertise, local insight, and industry-leading technology and innovation.


Aire Global is excited about our commitment to embracing, investing in, and growing in SEA and across the Asia-Pacific region now and in the future. Take a look at our recent SEA projects.

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Contact the team if you want to know more about how Aire Global can support your brand across SEA!