Sustainable Packaging Graphics

Sustainable Packaging Graphics

What is EcoScore?

Packaging sustainability is often a complex initiative for many brand owners to undertake. With multiple touchpoints and specialist areas throughout the Design to Print (D2P) lifecycle to consider, a single, isolated decision can easily undermine the overall intent.

EcoScore is our greener, leaner, sustainable packaging graphics software, developed in-house at Aire. It helps brand owners achieve ambitious sustainability goals by analysing the criteria, data, and decisions behind every packaging project, from Design to Print and disposal to re-use.


Sustainable Packaging Graphics

EcoScore sits within our Score technology suite and collects data for each of your individual packaging Stock Kept Units (SKU), as it develops throughout its lifecycle. We analyse this accrued data against pre-established sustainability targets, initiatives, and innovations that exist within the packaging and print industries.

This correlation enables us to provide reporting data recommendations on how to improve your D2P process and meet your sustainability packaging targets.

Designed to be completely customisable to your specific objectives, EcoScore evaluates everything from packaging design, print vendors, packaging substrates, and inks, to numbers of colours, water usage, and transport.


EcoScore gives FMCG brand owners a unique competitive advantage to gain data and recommendations, which help turn sustainability goals into reality. As an added benefit, many of the sustainability initiatives in the D2P domain save you time and money, allowing you to do more for less!


Automated Artwork



Artwork Automation Services

Automated artwork is the smartest technological development to happen to the D2Pe world since the introduction of the common digital graphics language, PostScript.

No matter what state, format, or storage platform your inputs are in, Aire’s proprietary D2Pe workflow management technology, Score, takes control of them all. It securely holds them all in one clean, structured database format, Score PIM (Product Information Management) – your one source of truth for all pack copy content and ecommerce data. Once verified, the database is able to push and pull content from any existing product lifecycle or specification management system at any time.

Benefit from a world-first in automated artwork

Artwork Automation Services

Once the Stock Kept Unit (SKU) level data set is completed, it is pushed into our Artwork Automation technology, which automatically streams all content including text, icons, codes, and images into pre-approved Design Master Artwork Automation templates. SKU level artworks are created, in Adobe® Illustrator® editable PDF format, live and in real-time … all within seconds! Any updates to the artwork, such as ingredients, regulatory or legal changes happen even faster when driven by the structured database or back from the artwork!

Aire is the first packaging, point of sale, and ecommerce production company in the world that is able to fully automate at this level using your structured data. As a result, we are one of the few who do not use lower-cost off-shore production centres to create artwork or pre-press origination. This fuels our ability to produce higher volumes of production, much faster and with higher quality producing the highest RFT (Right First Time) rates.


Automated Artwork Services

Automation is the only consistent way to obtain RFT artwork approvals. Taking your cleansed and approved structured data inputs (the one source of truth), and flowing them directly into the artwork reduces and even eliminates human touch. Copy and paste and retyping errors are the number one artwork error category in our industry worldwide – not so at Aire!

In addition, as there is no off-shoring of production required in an automated environment, unnecessary communication chains, and the associated delays and risks are taken out of the equation allowing the artwork build process to take seconds and not days.

Once automated artwork is fully implemented, any marketing or legal updates to the artwork, at any stage of a products’ life cycle, can be made almost instantly. Procurement objectives are satisfied as overall artwork automation costs less.


Automated Artwork Services

Aire is the first packaging, point of sale, and ecommerce production agency in the world to automate at this level streaming structured data into complex primary packaging artworks. Our technology can also work in reverse by extracting pack copy data from any existing artwork file, should the need arise.

As a result, we are one of the few not to use lower-cost off-shore production centres to create artwork or pre-press origination. This delivers

  • Right First Time rates in excess of 99%
  • Eliminated rework loops
  • Higher volumes of production
  • Faster production times
  • Higher quality
  • Highly consistent artwork production
  • Simplified lines of communication
  • One source of truth for all pack copy and ecommerce data
  • Reduced overall costs compared to manual artwork production

Digital Colour Management

Digital Colour Management


Digital Colour Management Services

Digital colour management methodologies underpin the entire D2Pe process and are instrumental in building accurate, predictive colour metrics into the pre-press process. They also help to manage colour expectations throughout the process and ensure print vendors achieve the approved brand and variant colours easier, faster and more sustainably.

As well as overseeing spot brand and variant colour management, we retouch and colour compensate all imagery as part of the pre-press process. Images are then accurately reproduced when printed, in line with the stakeholder and marketing team’s expectations.

Colour management and brand consistency on the virtual shelf, in digital stores, on ecommerce platforms and in the metaverse are just as important, and it’s Aire’s job to ensure total harmony with physical store content.


Digital Colour Management Services

Aire’s revolutionary Rhubarb Digital Colour Management technology provides the highest levels of colour management success. Thanks to its inbuilt flexibility and versatility, it works collaboratively with print vendors and not against them. What’s more, apart from every day spectral colour measurement technology, our approach doesn’t require any additional investment from print vendors.

For the technically-minded, .cxf files are our preferred method for communicating colour with print vendors and agency partners, as this takes into account spectral data and substrate information for greater colour matching accuracy.

Any brand. Any format. Any printer.

Digital Colour Management

Our digital colour management not only accommodates an individually rostered print vendor’s requirements, but also print vendors who produce shared print orders when accommodating higher volume orders and procurement contingency planning. In the same way, we accelerate procurement driven print vendor switching with no noticeable differences to your shoppers or consumers. We manage colour meticulously across complex product ranges which use a multitude of packaging formats, packaging materials and print processes.

When it comes to the digital-shelf, we employ the same intense colour accurate and colour-managed approach. This includes adapting designs, typically printed using CMYK and special coloured inks (brand specific colours, spot colours, Pantone colours, etc.) or hybrid colour sets, to the world of digital RGB colour. So, your brand appears consistently and accurately, without exception.

Digital colour and print management expertise

Press predictive proofs
Press fingerprinting
Brand colour standardisation
Digital colour packs
Spectral measuring