Sensitive skin and skin allergies have become a growing problem for children and adults. Unilever’s Neutral brand is a ‘free from’ home and personal care brand specially developed to take care of sensitive skin and the environment. It’s perfume-free and unscented, kind to skin and gentle in fabrics. Neutral products are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested and approved, with 0% perfumes and 0% colourants to reduce skin irritation, yet powerful enough to clean, and soften clothes and remove stains.

Neutral has a strong presence in Scandinavia as it originated in Sweden in 1977, and is the best-selling laundry detergent in Denmark. The brand branched out to the Dutch market in 1992.


Unilever tasked Aire with updating the Neutral labels for The Netherlands and Scandinavian markets, supporting the new redesign across multiple products. New colourways were explored, in keeping with the new pastel palette, to reflect the mild and caring ingredients. Aire incorporated new photography and graphic elements as well as iconography creation, whilst ensuring consistency and enhancing the iconic 0% design branding.

The design update spanned 95 SKUs, with products ranging from laundry detergent labels, capsules, powder cartons, household cleaning labels, hand wash, shampoo and baby wipes.

“We are pleased to have worked with Aire Global to adapt our new Neutral branding across many pack formats and variants for both the Dutch and Nordic markets. The result is great and Aire has ensured brand consistency throughout the range, the new designs look great on-shelf” – Alicia Hamadyk, Global Associate Brand Manager – Neutral